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Christy's Blue Village

A smurf collection from Belgium, home of the smurfs.

Hello, My name is Christy from Belgium and welcome to my smurf website.

I have been collecting smurfs since October 2003 when as a 27 year old I fell back in love with smurfs once more.

I used to have a lot of smurfs as a child but as I grew up they were not being played with so my mother gave them away to a kindergarden school.

So when I was 27 years and I told my mother I wanted to start collecting smurfs again, she thought I was absolutely crazy !!! However, after a while she became addicted to the little blue figures as much as me. Now we collect them together, including going to the smurf fairs and fleamarkets whenever we can to find anything related to smurfs. If it's smurf related, we have to have it.

I have made a lot of new friends on the smurf forum called Blue Cavern, who have helped me whenever I had questions or needed some help with my collection.

I especially thank my good friend Martin Royle for all things he teached me about special smurfs and all kinds of promo smurfs.
I also thank all other collectors (Tine, Jan, Stefan, Graham, André...) for sharing their knowledge and for helping me getting special and hard to find smurfs.
I hope you will have fun looking at my collection.


"I want to dedicate my website to my beloved brother Dennis"

Christy and Thierry Culliford
Christy and Veronique Culliford
Christy and Nine Culliford
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